Studio – Figure Study

This body of work is essentially a tribute to femininity, masculinity and the dualistic relationship of the two. To understand our body’s design, nature and true potential, we need to accept and be comfortable with each so-called blemish; albeit body type, signs of aging or any other physical deficit. Of course this may be easier said than done! From my personal experience, many people tend to have a rather skewered idea of the meaning of sensuality and beauty however, considering the constant bombardment of unrealistic, stereotypical idealisations by mass media sources, this is hardly surprising. Through many portrait sessions, I have witnessed how both men and women often feel self-consciously inhibited by what they deem to be an imperfect and therefore undesirable physical self-image.  I am acutely aware of this sense of vulnerability, and so each studio session in effect becomes a psychological unwrapping and discovery of that sense of “magic” hidden under what is perceived as ordinary