Vladia is a constant traveller; continuously searching the landscape for a stage to showcase her sensitive and insightful portraits and figure studies. The results of her explorations suggest images set in locations, which by her mastery of combining subject and setting into a cohesive whole become an extended echo of the personality of her subject.

Originally from Slovakia, Vladia has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the South East Asia and Mexico before settling in South Africa.  To date, career highlights include ‘Judges Favourite’ in the ‘International Travel Photographer’ 2005, in 2006 she placed in the top three of the ‘Commonwealth Photographic Awards’ (UK) and in 2007 was selected finalist in the ‘Photographer of the Year’ (UK) – travel portfolio section.  Since then Vladia has concentrated on her professional work, combining both in-situ and studio based images.

Besides working extensively as a commissioned photographer, Vladia still manages to find time to work on projects of her own conception. More than mere side-line projects, Vladia approaches these with the same intensity and determination so characteristic of her oeuvre. At present she is preparing for her first solo exhibition showcasing work from her travels through East Africa over the past two years with focus on the people of the Maasai.


Vladia in her own words:

 “I find my inspiration in nature and in the depths of a person’s eyes which for me reveal the mystery of one’s world; looking beyond and reaching out. There is wisdom within these two and in a sense, are the mirrors of each other. My goal as a photographer is not so much centred on documenting my encounters with my subject but rather to reveal a glimpse into the world of my subject beyond the lens which in turn enriches my understanding of my own subjective world”.